Cantuccini Toscani IGP with almonds 200g bag

Cantuccini Toscani IGP with almonds 200g bag

The real Cantucci di Siena IGP- Ancient recipe, a tasty and ingenious idea

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  • Protected Geographical Indication IGP
  • Unique nourishing properties
  • Long natural conservation
  • Great for mid-afternoon snacks
  • Typical taste and aromas


The right amount of crunchiness, the traditional recipe of Tuscan Cantuccini IGP which preserves the taste of history with chopped almonds and the dough handmade by the master pastry chefs of Fiore 1827. The very crunchy taste of a biscuit which is perfect for dessert together with Tuscan Vin Santo.

Artisan Cantucci with Flower Almonds 1827 PGI are made based on the ancient recipe 👨‍🍳
⦁    One leads to another and thanks to perfect cooking in the oven they maintain their crunchiness in their crust and the softness of the almond mixture. 😋
⦁    Protected Geographical Indication PGI
⦁    Unique nourishing properties 💚
⦁    Long natural preservation ⌚
⦁    Typical taste and aromas ✅
⦁    Great for mid-afternoon snacks 😋
⦁    Perfect for the end of a meal ⌚
⦁    To share with everyone ❤️
⦁    Perfect gift 🎁
⦁    Shipped throughout Italy in 24 hours 🚚